John Galsworthy (1867-1933): AP English Literature Online Test

What is the total number of John Galsworthy’s fiction?
Twenty-four volumes
Twenty-five volumes
Thirty volumes
Thirty-five volumes
Thirty-seven volumes
Which of the following book is a novel by Galsworthy?
The Man Of Feelings
The Man Of Property
The Man Of Destiny
The Man Of Honor
None of the above
One of John Galsworthy’s plays is a portrayal of the battle between Capital and Labor. Which is that?
The Little Dream
The Mob
None of the above
Which author struck up a life long friendship with John Galsworthy while travelling?
Henrik Ibsen
Joseph Conrad
Albert Camus
D. H. Lawrence
None of the above
One of Galsworthy’s plays shook the legal system and led to some revisions in the rules of solitary confinement. Which play is this?
The Mob
The Little Dream
None of the above
As a dramatist, Galsworthy belongs to the realistic tradition of Jones and ________?
J. M. Synge
None of the above
John Galsworthy received a Nobel prize in_____?
Galsworthy’s early novels were written under which pseudonym?
Eric Blaire
Samuel Clemens
John Sinjohn
Soames Forsyte
None of the above
What is not true of Galsworthy’s works?
His works suffer from too much consciousness of purpose.
He had set principles and his novels embody his philosophy.
His characters represent an idea and are not full blooded.
He portrays social life idealistically.
None of the above
In a literary work what was not important for Galsworthy?
Plot or story
None of the above
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John Galsworthy (1867-1933) Dramatist and Novelist his reputation rests on the survey’s of upper class English life, especially the ‘Forsyte Saga’ sequence. After World war-I Galsworthy came under severe criticism by new generation writers like D. H. Lawrence, Virginia Wolfe etc. As a dramatist his plays dramatized ethical problems arising from social issues. This is a test for students of English literature (AP), which covers some aspects of John Galsworthy’s style and works. This short test is prepared in the multiple choice format, specially designed for students taking AP test in English literature. This short test is prepared in the multiple choice format, specially designed for students taking AP test in English literature.



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