Jonathan Swift (1667-1745): AP English Literature Online Test

Which of the following is not one of the countries travelled by Lemuel in ‘Gulliver Travels’?
None of the above
‘Gulliver Travels’ is a record of the travels of:
Jonathan Swift
Lemuel Gulliver
None of the above
Who can not be counted along with Swift as the popular writer’s of the pseudo-classical age?
Ben Johnson
None of the above
Who among the following was the famous pupil of Jonathan Swift?
Samuel Butler
Arnold Bennett
John Galsworthy
Ben Johnson
None of the above
What is the name of flying island in Swift’s ‘Gulliver Travels’?
None of the above
‘A Tale Of The Tub’ is a:
A political satire
A religious treatise
A religious allegory
Children’s book
None of the above
‘Gulliver travels’ by Swift is a:
Travel book
Children book
Allegorical work
A bitter satire
All the above
Swift’s ‘The Battle of Books’ deals with the dispute between:
Swift and Arbuthnot
Church and State
The Ancients and the Moderns
Whigs and Tories
None of the above
Which of these books is not written by Swift?
The Rape of the Lock
The Conduct of the Allies
The Battle of Books
Gulliver travels
The Tale of the Tub
In ‘The Tale of the Tub’, how is puritan enthusiasm represented by Swift?
As fire
As wind
As earth
As thunder
None of the above

Jonathan Swift, the greatest genius of all the Augustan writers, was a man very powerful in every aspect. His power always brought tragedy in its wake. We can appreciate the personal quality of his satire only if we remember his life of struggle and disappointments. He writes in the ‘plainest of plain styles, and that makes him one of the most forceful writers of in the history of English literature. The AP students’ knowledge and familiarity of this writer is sought to be assessed by this short test. This short test is prepared in the multiple choice format, specially designed for students taking AP test in English language

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