Steam & Related Questions (Mechanical Engineering) 10 Online Test

In a reciprocating steam engine, the clearance volume is 10 percent of swept volume and cut off takes place when the piston has traveled 0.3 of stroke. The expansion ratio is
None of these
Which fitting safeguards the boiler against too high a pressure as well as too low a water level?
Dead weight safety valve
Spring loaded safety valve
Lever safety valve
High steam-low water safety valve
None of the above
Theorietically the expansion process in the operation of a steam engine is assumed to be
In case of a steam engine, the expansion of steam from supply pressure to condenser pressure is not practicable because
That renders the engine unbalanced
The work output during the last part of complete expansion is too small
The engine size will become too large
Condenser cooling water will have to be made available at very low temperature
The shape of the lid of a manhole in a boiler is
In a modified rankine cycle
Engine is always supplied with dry saturated steam
Steam undergoes isothermal expansion during working stroke
Supply of heat is at constant pressure
Expansion is not allowed to proceed to completion
Which aspect is true for the glass tube water level indicator?
Both ends are connected to the water space
Both ends are connected to the steam space
One end is connected to water space and the other end is connected to steam space
One end is connected to water space and the other end is left open to atmosphere
The efficiency of Rankine cycle is lower than that of corresponding carnot cycle because
The average temperature at which heat is supplied in Rankine cycle is less than that corresponding to carnot cycle
The carnot cycle has gas as working substance and Rankine cycle has steam as working cycle has steam as working substance
The rankine cycle efficiency depends upon properties of working substance, where as carnot cycle efficiency is independent of the properties of working substance
The temperature range of carnot cycle is greater than that for rankien cycle
Amongst the following fittings, which is provided more than one in number for the boiler safety?
Fusible plug
Steam stop valve
Water level indicator
Feed check water
Which aspect is not true in the context of carnot cycle using steam as the working fluid?
Condensation process of steam is stopped before being wholly converted into water
Compressor has to deal with non-homogenous mixture of water and and vapour
High plant efficiency and high work ratio
Bigger size of plant for a given output
Which of the following is not a safety valve for the boilers?
Lever type
Sliding type
Dead weight type
Spring type
Which of the following parameter decreases at the pressure of steam is raised?
Saturation temperature
Specific volume
Sensible heat
Latent heat of vaporization
Choose the correct statement regarding carnot cycle and Rankine cycle when both operate within the same temperature limits
Carnot cycle is more efficient than the rankine cycle
There are two sources of heat supply in rankine cycle
Steam is not working substance for a cornot cycle
Carnot cycle cannot be made to operate with vapour as the working fluid
Safety valve used with locomotive boilers is
Lever safety valve
Spring safety valve
Dead weight safety valve
High steam and low water safety valve
The efficiency of a rankine cycle
Increases with increase in exhaust pressure
Increases with decrease in temperature of heat rejection
Decreases with increase in temperature of heat rejection
Is independent of temperature of heat rejection and exhaust pressure

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