Test your basic knowledge on Computer networks

Frame relay operates in the__________
Physical layer
Data link Layer
Physical & data Link layer
Physical , data Link & network layer
In frame relay which bit in the address field is set to one to signify the last address byte?
DE( discard elgibility)
EA( extended address)
FECN(forward explicit congestion notification)
The most efficient medium for ATM is _____?
Twisted pair
Coaxial cable
Fiber optic cable
Shielded co axial cable
in data communications , ATM is an acronym for________
Automatic teller machine
Automatic transmission model
Asynchronous telecommunication method
Asynchronous Transfer Mode
Because ATM is________ cells do not usually arrive out of order because the cells follow the same path.
A network
Connection oriented
Which ATM layer specifies how user data should packaged in to cells?
Application adaptation
Data adaptation
A_______ Field on a cell header in the ATM layer determines whether a cell can be dropped.
VPI ( Virtual Path Identifier)
VCI( Virtual Channel Identifier)
CLP ( Cell Loss Priority)
GFC( Generic Flow Constant)
Which of the following is not a connecting device?
A bridge forwards or filters a packet by comparing the information in its address table to the packets _________
Layer 2 source address
Source nodes physical address
Layer 2 destination address
Layer 3 destination address
Which of the following can be handled by a gateway?
Protocol conversion
Packet resizing
Data rate adjustment
All of the above

This test is a very interesting collection of questions in the form of MCQ where the test-takers get an opportunity to check their performance to appear in UGC, NET (Computer Science)


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