Steam & Related Questions (Mechanical Engineering) 7 Online Test

The steam engine part which guides motion of the piston rod and prevents it from bending is called
Stuffing box
The reciprocating motion of the piston of a steam engine is converted into rotary motion of crank by
Piston rod
Connecting rod
Cross head
The cylinder of a steam engine is generally
Air cooled
Water cooled
Steam jacketed
Neither cooled nor heated
A steam engine is said to be a medium speed engine if its operating speed lies between
100-200 rpm
200-300 rpm
300-400 rpm
400-600 rpm
A steam engine has been specified as 150x200-300 rpm. In this designation, the figure 150 indicates
Cylinder diameter
Stroke length
Brake power
Mean piston speed
Which is not common between steam engine and an internal combustion engine?
Governor mechanism
Piston rod
Draught means a force required to
Maintain a flow of air through the fuel bed and aid in the proper combustion of fuel
Draw the resulting hot gases through the system
Force the spent up flue gases towerds the chimney and then to atmosphere
All of the above
Which of the following is not a part of steam engine?
Cross head
The ratio of heat actually used in raising steam to the heat liberated in the boiler furnace by the combustion of fuel is called
Equivalent evaporation
Generation factor
Factor of evaporation
Boiler efficiency
Which factors help in reducing condensation of steam?
Increase in speed of engine
Supply of superheated steam to engine cylinder
Steam jacketing of cylinder walls
Reduce temperature range by compounding
All of the above
The evaporation of 15.653 kg of water per hour from an at 100oC is known as
Factor of evaporation
Generation factor
Boiler horse power
Boiler efficiency
All of the following statements are correct, except
The evaporation process is both isobaric and isothermal in character
The superheated vapour behaves like a perfect gas
The latent heat of vaporization has a maximum value at the critical point
The process of leakage of steam through the safety valve of a boiler corresponds to a throttling process
Choose the false statement
The missing quantity is minimum at the point of cut off
The diagram factor varies slightly with different types of engines and its average value is about 0.75
The steam locked up in the cylinder after the exhaust valve has been closed, is called cushion steam
There is progressive fall in steam pressure along the admission line
Steam coming out of the whistle of a pressure cooker is mostly likely to be
Wet vapour
Dry and saturated vapour
Superheated vapour
Very wet vapour with dryness fraction less than 0.5
The equivalent evaporation (kg/hr) of a boiler producing 2000 kg/hr of steam with enthalpy content of 2426 kj/kg from feed water at 40oC (liquid enthalpy=168 kJ/kg) is
2000 kg/hr
2149 kg/hr
1682 kg/hr
1649 kg/hr
Take enthalpy of vaporization of water at 100oC=2258 kJ/hr

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