Simple Harmonic Motion Online Test

A second’s pendulum executes …………………….
half a beat
one beat
two beats
ten beats
A particle executes simple harmonic motion and when its displacement from the mean position is 2.5 cm, its kinetic and potential energies are of equal magnitude. The amplitude of the motion of the particle is approximately
2.5 cm
3.5 cm
5.0 cm
7.5 cm
Which of the following statements is/are wrong about a body executing simple harmonic motion?
periodic time is inversely proportional to angular velocity
frequency is inversely proportional to periodic time
acceleration is proportional to displacement
velocity will be maximum when the amplitude is zero
momentum is conserved
Periodic time of a particle moving with simple harmonic motion is the time taken by the particle for
quarter oscillation
half oscillation
complete oscillation
two oscillations
In simple harmonic motion, displacement at any time can be expressed as a single function of sine or cosine. Which of the following is not a sine curve?
When a body executes simple harmonic motion, there is always a constant ratio between the displacement of mass and its
time speed
In simple harmonic motion, the acceleration is proportional to
linear velocity
angular velocity
rate of change of angular velocity
Which one of the following does not conform to simple harmonic motion?
motion followed by depressing and release of liquid in U-tube
motion of earth and other planets around the sun
motion of balance wheel of a watch
motion of the bob of a simple pendulum
A solid cylinder of radius r rests on a horizontal plane. The height of its centre of percussion above the plane equals
2/3 r
4/3 r
3/2 r
8/5 r
The centre of percussion and axis of oscillation
act at centre of gravity of the body
lie apart a distance equal to radius of gyration
are interchangeable
are coincident
For a homogenous rod of length l suspended from the top, the centre of percussion lies at a distance
The centre of percussion is
point of suspension of a system
same as centre of gravity
point in a body about which it can rotate horizontally and oscillate under the influence of gravity
point of application of the resultant of all forces tending to cause the body rotate about a central axis.
Identify the wrong statement/statements
The time period of a bob of simple pendulum when made to oscillate in water instead of air will increase
When the length of a simple pendulum is increased by 2 percent, the time period will increase approximately by 1 percent
At some instant during the motion of a simple pendulum, a piece of mud equal to the mass of bob gets attached to it. That would result into a decrease in frequency of oscillation of the pendulum
A simple pendulum vibrating in an evacuated chamber will oscillate forever with the same amplitude and frequency.
The maximum speed of the bob of a second pendulum is stated to be 1 m/s. Its maximum acceleration would be
1.57 m/s2
3.14 m/s2
5.62 m/s2
6.48 m/s2
The length of a seconds pendulum is
56.3 cm
74.8 cm
99.4 cm
112.5 cm
Simple harmonic motion
is another name for periodic motion
is the motion of a point in a circle
is a projection of the circular motion of a particle
is a projection of the circulation motion of a particle at constant speed on a diameter of the circle.

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