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Half life of rdioactive material is 4 hour. Then full life

In Beta decay(negative) , the neutron number in the product nucleus

Protons and neutrons are constituent particles of deuteron. It is observed that

which of the folowing can be used as neutron absorber

fission of U (235) can take place with neutron having K.E about

Neutron produced in the following fission reaction are

92U235 +0n1 -----> 54Xe140 + 38Sr94 + (neutrons)

According to Einstein's energy mass equation , 931MeV energy is equivalent to

5B10 is bombarded with neutrons and alpha particles are observed to be emitted. What is the residual nucleus

The life time of mostly excited states is only about

In heavy atom, the transition of inner shell elctron give rise to emission of

According the Bohr's Theory, the angular momentum of electron in the 2nd orbit is

The gamma rays differ from x-rays because

In Bohr's atomic model , the elctron does not fall in to nucleus because

The metastable state are the

P.E of elctron in the nth orbit of hydrogen atom is given by

In LASER operation de excitation of an atom is caused by an incident photon which

for the production of x-rays elctrons "e" is accelerated through a potential difference of V . The x-ray thus produced have wavelengh .(c is velocity of light)

Dimensional unit of Planck's constant is same as that of

The energy of x-rays emitted from x-rasys tube can be increased by

moderator of fission reaction is

neutron is


atomic spectra and nuclear physics

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