Events and Movements in English Literature Online Test

The “Circulating Libraries” were popular during:
The Eighteenth Century
The seventeenth Century
The nineteenth Century
The twentieth Century
None of the above
The ‘Coffee Houses’ culture flourished in:
The seventeenth Century
The early Eighteenth Century
The nineteenth Century
The twentieth Century
None of the above
The philosophy of Moore’s ‘Principle Ethica’, which talks about human pleasure and enjoyment of beautiful things, became the driving force of which literary group?
The University Wits
The Bloomsbury Group
The Lake Poets
The Cavalier Poets
None of the above
A literary club was formed by Pitt with whose help?
Samuel Johnson
Who amongst the following was not a member of The Rhymers Club?
W. B. Yeats
Ernest Dawson
Lionel Johnson
A. H. Clough
None of the above
The Irish National Literary Society was founded by:
T. S. Eliot
W. B. Yeats
Walter De La Mare
Dr. Johnson
The Oxford Movement was:
Opposed to rationalism
Interested in biblical miracles
Started by John Keble
All the above
The Neo-classical movement is alleged to have forsaken the country for the town and the nature for man.
Cannot say
Was emotions based
None of the above
The Oxford movement is also known as the:
The High Church Movement
The University wits
High thought movement
Intellectual Movement
Practical Movement
Who among the following were associated with the ‘Aesthetic Movement’? I Walter Pater II Oscar Wilde III D. G. Rossette 
I only
I and II
I, II and III
II and III
None of the above
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As in all fields, there are some events in the literary history of English Literature which have had a major influence on the development of trends in literature and have proved decisive and important in its advancement. The knowledge of these events and movements is essential for the proper understanding of the course and development of English literature. This short test is prepared in the multiple choice format, specially designed for students taking AP test in English literature.


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