GRE Quantitative Mixed Topics Online Test

A stock decreases in value by 25%. By what percent must the stock now increase to reach its initial value?
None of these
If John travelled at 2/5th of his average speed and reached 30 minutes late, what is the time that he usually takes to reach his destination?
25 minutes
30 minutes
20 minutes
22 minutes
32 minutes
The average speed of a train without stoppages is 50 kmph and average speed with stoppages is 45 kmph. How many minutes in an hour the train stops on an average?
15 min
12 min
8 min
10 min
6 min
A ship leaves on a long voyage. When it is 38 miles from the shore, a seaplane, whose speed is twenty times that of the ship, is sent to deliver mail. How far from the shore does the seaplane catch up with the ship?
38 miles
40 miles
35 miles
42 miles
32 miles
An aircraft is getting ready to land at airport. Because of traffic congestion, the control tower asks it to circle over the airport till it is given permission to land. The aircraft is kept waiting for 20 minutes and complete 10 circles in that time. If the speed of the aircraft is 900km/h, then what is the radius of the circle?
5.63 km
4.77 km
3.95 km
4.2 km
5.15 km
In the dirt-track leg of the car rally between two cities A & B, the difference between the average speeds of the fastest and the slowest cars was 10km/h. The slowest car takes 1.5 hours more than the fastest car to complete the leg with an average speed of 40km/h. What was the length of the dirt-track leg of the rally?
325 km
225 km
275 km
300 km
350 km
Wan goes on a safari in Sahara. He walks half the total distance at 5km/h. The next leg of the safari, which is 1/3rd the total distance, is covered on a cycle at 15 km/h. The last leg, which is over sand dunes, is done on camel back at an average speed of 9 km/h. He completes the safari in 19 hours. How much has he travelled?
100 km
125 km
135 km
150 km
140 km
The distance between two stations, X and Y is 600 km. A train starts at 5 pm from X and moves to Y at an average speed of 90 km/h. Another train starts from Y at 4:20 pm and moves towards X at an average speed of 75km/h. How far from Y will the two meet?
170 km
200 km
225 km
240 km
250 km
Alice and Bill starts from P to Q, a distance of 24 km at 5 km/h and 7 km/h respectively. Bill reaches Q, returns immediately and meets Alice at R. What is the distance from P to R?
18 km
20 km
22 km
14 km
10 km
A train does a journey without stoppages in 10 hours. If it had travelled 10km/hr faster, it would have done the journey in 8 hours 20 minutes. What is the original speed of the train?
40 km/hr
45 km/hr
35 km/hr
50 km/hr
55 km/hr
A train takes 30 seconds to completely overtake a cyclist travelling at 10 mph. However, it would have taken 10 seconds lesser to completely cross him if he was traveling in the opposite direction. What is the speed of the train?
60 mph
50 mph
55 mph
65 mph
40 mph
100 cm/s
200 cm/s
300 cm/s
400 cm/s
If a? means to multiply a by 6 and a( means to divide a by -3, what is the value of ((6() ?)(?
If r ( s =r (r + s) for all integers r and s, then 3 ( (4 ( 7) equals
If half the range of the increasing series {13, A, 25, B, C, 58, 81} is equal to its median, what is the median of the series?
What is the average speed of Mary if she drives 6 hours at 50 km/hr and the next 8 hours at 60km/hr?
50.57 km/hr
52.73 km/hr
55.71 km/hr
48.73 km/hr
45.32 km/hr
How long will it take to row 60 km upstream if James can row 5 km in 10 minutes in still water and the same distance in 6 minutes with the stream?
4 hours
6 hours
5 hours
5.5 hours
6.5 hours

This is a mixed topic quantitative test for GRE, GMAT preparation. This is offered to re-look the final preparation of one to take up questions from different topics.
Disclaimer: Content, such as images used in the questions (if any), have been picked up from various places for the sole purpose of Instruction.


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