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Neither of us ________ able to predict the outcome of today's game.

At the foot of the mountain ________ two enormous vineyards, both owned by the same woman

Macaroni and cheese ________ my favorite dish.

Our college should change _______ policy about withdrawals.

Coaches Espinoza and Calhoun coach different sports. Neither Espinoza nor Calhoun scheduled ________ team for the gym this afternoon.

No one has offered to let us use _______ home for the department meeting.

If I ever find my glasses, I think I'll have ________ replaced.

General Motors will probably recall most of _________ four-wheel-drive vehicles.

Most parents mistakenly think that mumps _______ been eliminated as a childhood disease.

A small percentage of the grain _______ ruined by the prolonged rain


This quiz will test your recognition of subject-verb agreement and pronoun choice problems. Select one answer from the choices provided after each sentence. The word you choose should correctly fill in the blank in the sentence.


Ammarah UmmHaneef

Good test!

4471 days 13 hours 24 minutes ago

anju joshi

gud test!

4483 days 18 hours 46 minutes ago

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