Lesson: Will & May Online Test

Who may come to the party?
George will party tonight with his friends.
Sally may come if she finishes early.
What are the rules for this test?.
First, you may not use a calculator.
You will not use a calculator.
Oh my gosh! You look tired...
May I bring you a glass of water?
Will you lend me a glass of water?
What will you do next winter?
We may go to Sweden.
She will travel to New York.
Where may I have my car repaired?
The mechanic may repair your car on Monday.
I think you may do so at MIDA'S shop.
Children. You may not go out during your lunch time.
It'll rain tomorrow.
Yeah, it may.
Yeah, it won't
Hey, John. Will you be able to help us paint the house tomorrow?
I don't know. I will not be here tomorrow.
I don't know. I may not be here tomorrow.
In some countries, people ____________ smoke in closed public places.
will not
may not
I am sure that Susan __________ try to convince George to go to the beach.


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