Banking Promotion Mock Test - 4

How many categories are there of non-bank finance companies as per RBI guidelines?

Which of the following has been recognised as the new type of NBFCs, by RBI during 2010:

An infrastructure finance company is required to deploy __% of its total assets in infrastructure loans:

Which of the following condition should be satisfied by a company to be classified as infrastructure finance company (a) net owned funds of Rs.300 cr or above (b) minimum credit rating A or equivalent (c) CRAR of 15% (d) Tier I capital of 10%:

The present system of benchmark prime lending rate (BPLR) has been reviewed by a committee headed by during 2009:

The base rate system is to replace the BPLR system with effect from:

With effect from July 01, 2010, the banks can determine their actual lending rates on loans and advances with reference to:

Which of the following criteria can be taken into account while fixing base rate: (i) cost of deposits; (ii) adjustment for the negative carry in respect of CRR and SLR; (iii) unallocatable overhead cost for banks such as aggregate employee compensation relating to administrative functions in corporate office, directors’ and auditors’ fees, legal and premises expenses, depreciation, cost of printing and stationery, expenses incurred on communication and advertising, IT spending, and cost incurred towards deposit insurance;and (iv) profit margin.

The minimum rate for all commercial loans wef 1.4..2010, that banks can charge is:

For loans up to Rs.2 lac, the banks can charge maximum interest rate of:

Which of the following is the key objective of migrating to base rate system in fixing rate of interest for loans:

Banks can announce their Base Rates after seeking approval from:

National Electronic Funds transfer uses which of the following, to assure end to end security

National Electronic Funds transfer uses which of the following, to connect bank branches for electronic transfer of funds:

Under NEFT, in order to streamline the system and complete the processing cycle on a near-real-time basis, the concept of return within ____ of completion of a batch has been introduced wef 1.3.2010.

What are the operating hours of NEFT wef 1.3.2010:

What is the no. of batches that take place at NEFT wef 1.3.2010 : (a) 11 hourly settlements (9am to 7 pm) on normal day (b) 5 hourly settlements (9 am to 1 pm) on Saturday (c) 9 hourly settlements (9am to 5 pm) on normal day (b) 4 hourly settlements (9 am to 12 noon) on Saturday:

Regional Rural banks can establish a regional office if the no. of their branches ___ or more:

What is the amount of Govt. of India and RBI notes that can be imported from outside India:

Which of the following States is included in the list of under-banked States by RBI:


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2214 days 7 hours 33 minutes ago

Pradeep Kumar Sinha

I was your student in 2 to 3 promotion. Now I am appearing in 3 to 4 promotion in central bank . Kindly provide me guidance and mock papers as time is only 1 week.

2407 days 5 hours 5 minutes ago

Anil Srivastava

Pleadr send me mock text questions for promotion from scale 2 to 3 in vank of india I have paid rs 499 my mail id

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amar singh rawat

by amar singh-it is a good share of knowledgeR

4073 days 1 hours 35 minutes ago

sumana mukherjee

its good but it would have been better if i could know my which answers were wrong and the right answers for those.

4118 days 19 hours 8 minutes ago


The test helps a lot while one judges himself by answering the questions set by SIR. Such type of tests will definitely increase our knowledge and confidence in banking job and PROMOTION too.

4150 days 18 hours 44 minutes ago


I am very poor in scoring the test

4167 days 19 hours 30 minutes ago

soumendra ray sarkar

i am realy satisfied. thans

4221 days 8 hours 51 minutes ago

usha bala b

your mock test is very informative and useful please suggest me a book for the promotion test scale 1 to 2 Syndicate Bank

Thankyou sir

4226 days 5 hours 30 minutes ago

N S Toor
He teaches banking to bankers and non-bankers
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