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The 16 bit coding scheme employed in Java programming is
A mechanism of moving the session from one server to another in case of server failure is called as
Session hijacking
Session Migration
Session Tracking
None of the Above
Which of the following Objects can generate ItemEvent.
List 1
What output is displayed as the result of executing the following statement? System.out.println("// Looks like a comment."); // Looks like a comment
No output is displayed
Looks like a comment 
The statement results in a compilation error 
None of the above
One of the new features in the JDBC 2.0 API is the ability to move a result set's cursor Backward as well as Forward.
Which of the following class can be used to obtain information about the sizes of characters and strings that are drawn in a specific font?
None of the Above
Loading the driver and making the connection are the steps involved in establishing a connection of JDBC.
Choose the correct statement?
Each method in a parent class can be overridden at most once in any one subclass
Overriding methods must return exactly the same type as the method they override
A method can be overloaded in the class it is defined as well as in the subclass of its class
All the Above
What is the output of the following code for exampleprint(1)? static void exampleprint(int inputitem)  {     if (inputitem == 0)  {        System.out.print("*");     }     else  {        System.out.print("[");        exampleprint(inputitem - 1);        System.out.print(",");        exampleprint(inputitem - 1);        System.out.println("]");     } }
None of the Above
class Over extends Base{ public static void main(String argv[]){ Over o = new Over(); int iBase=0; o.amethod(iBase); } public void amethod(int iOver) { System.out.println("Over.amethod"); } }
A unique identification string that is transmitted between the client and the server is known as
Network ID
Session ID
Server ID
None of the Above
Lightweight components differ from heavy weight componants not because of one of the following reasons
On overlapping of the lightweight component over the heavy weight component the heavy weight component is always on top
A lightweight can appear to be non-rectangular while heavyweight are always rectangular.
A heavyweight component have transparent pixels which lightweight have opaque.
Mouse events on light weight componants fall through its parents while in the heavyweight it doesn’t.
Which of the following statement is true regarding the three tier model in the JDBC driver model architecture.
Collection of SQL statements from the client and handing it over to the database
Maintaining control over accessing and updating of receiving results from database to the client.
A middle tier is introduced in this model.
All of the above. 
Using the error log file we can trap the debug the errors in servlets
What is the initial contact point for handling a web request in a Page-Centric architecture?
A session manager
A JSP page.
A servlet.
A JavaBean.

This is another 15-questions test on Java
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