PHP, the Unique Scripting Language Online Test

PHP Handles XML through
The Expat C library
Built in functions written by users
The Gnome C library
None of the Above
Which of the following is used to maintain a variable from one form to the next?
None of the Above
The function of strcspn is
Returns the position of the character that's lowest in the ASCII set in a given string
Returns the first position in a string that contains a character not in another string
Matches one string in another using glob style matching
None of the Above
If one wants to convert all single-quotes (') to a backslash followed by a single-quote (') which of the following can be used to achieve the above?
None of the Above
What is the output of the program?
example example
example output
output example
output output
A complete list of available variables can be seen by calling the function
Which of the shorthand byte values can be taken by PHP directives?
All the Above
Consider the following PHP code: What does this function do:
tests whether $variable contains 2
returns the mod value
tests whether $variable is an even number
Gives Error
In PHP which of the following can be used to insert code from other files
All the Above
In PHP, the word "and" is used as
an operator
a function
a special variable
a regular variable
If you want to check whether your script has already sent headers then which of the following can be used?
What does the following program does? $content) {      echo "headers[$name] = $content
n"; } ?>
Does not output anything
Will show all the request headers
Give Error
Will disable all the request headers
A developer faces the following error in PHP namely: 'DCOM is disabled in C:path...scriptname.php on line 10' In this scenario which of the following must be done?
The value of com.allow_dcom must be set to TRUE in php.ini file.
Change the sciptname to remove the error
It is not possible to remove the error
Debug the application
The function used to delete a file is
In a string of text defined double quotes is used instead of single quotes in which of the following scenarios
When you wanted every character to be taken as a literal
When you wanted to include variables and special sequences such as n within the string
When you wanted to include special characters such as @ and % within the string
When you wanted the string to be more than one character long
The cookie can be set as
From within your PHP page, but only after you've completed sending out the body of the response page.
From within your PHP page; you can set a cookie at any time if your server is configured to buffer your output, but you can only send it before any regular (HTML) data is send to the browser if your server is configured to NOT buffer
From instructions held in the php.ini file
From within your PHP page, at any time
To read a file into an array, which of the following function can be used?
Which of the following is not true?
PHP applications can not be compiled.
PHP can not be embedded into html.
PHP makes a website dynamic.
PHP can be used to develop web applications
To work with remote files in PHP you need to enable
both of above
none of above
Which of the following variables is not a predefined variable?

This test includes 20 questions on PHP, the scripting language for Dynamic Web page
Disclaimer: Content, such as images used in the questions (if any), have been picked up from various places for the sole purpose of Instruction.



Question #18 is incorrect. PHP *can* be embeded in HTML files

2312 days 50 minutes ago


Question #14: The function unlink is to delete filenames, not files

2312 days 51 minutes ago

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