Inorganic chemistry Online Test

mark the correct statement

long form of the periodic table is based on

in the periodic table all the men-metals are placed under which of the blocks

A wool cloth becomes positively charged as it

Why should different resistances are combine in parallel in a circuit ?

On a equipotential surface, the potential difference between two points is

In transformer, the ratio between Vs(secondry voltage) and Vp(primary voltage) equal to

Charge moving perpendicular to magnetic field B experiences,

With the increase of temperature the resistance of germanium Ge

The electron trajectory wiill be less curved than proton's trajectory

A magnetic force will not be exerted on a charged particle if it is

The magnetic induction is also called

How much heat energy is dissipated by a 40k watt bulb in 2 hour

Element of group l-b are called


periodicity and periodic table

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