National Income Test 1: AP Macroeconomics

The Real National Income is equal to the size of the population multiplied by:
Per Capita Real Income
Real Income
Personal Income
Market Prices
Personal Disposable Income
For a study of the Long Term growth of the economy, it is common to use the concept of :
Money NNP
Money GNP
Real GNP
Real NNP
None of the Above
National Product at Market Prices includes:
Cost incurred in producing goods and services
Payments made to factor services
Actual Prices paid by buyers
Income earned by factor services
All of the above
Per Capita Real Income is:
Real National Income Number of Workers
Real National Income Working Population
Real National Income Size of Population
Nominal National Income Working Population
Nominal National Income Size of Population
NNP is equal to:
GNP + Exports
GNP – Exports
GNP + Depreciation
GNP – Depreciation
GNP – Exports – Depreciation
National Income is:
The sum total of all factor incomes
Budget estimates by the government
Government’s annual revenue
The sum total of revenues of public undertakings
All of the above
National Product at Current Prices would be higher than the National Product at Constant Prices when:
The prices are rising
The prices are constant
The prices are falling
Any of the above
None of the above
GNP is the:
Total Money Value of agricultural production
Total Money Value of industrial production
Total Money Value of services offered by individuals
Total Money Value of final goods and services produced in an economy in an year
Total Taxes earned by the government from industrial production
NNP at Factor Cost will be equal to NNP at Market Price when which of the following is left out? I. Direct Tax II. Transfer Payment III. Indirect Tax
I only
II only
III only
I and II
II and III
A country is growing when:
Rising GNP at constant prices
Rising GNP at rising prices
Constant GNP at constant prices
Constant GNP at current prices
Rising GNP at current prices

One of the most important chapters of Macroeconomics AP, is National Income. Here is the first test on the Basics of National Income, concepts of National Income and National Income Measurement. Try out this 7-minute short Multiple Choice questions test on the basic concepts of National Income.

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