We take this opportunity to express our gratitude towards your organisation for extending such an _________ support to our company for the past 10 years.

To smoothen our working capital cycle, we request you to allow an overdraft facility in our account __________ of Two Million Euros

As a promising candidate for a Office manager, I ________ exceptional skills for documentation, handling petty cash and maintaining files.

I have a tendency to gel with similar people and those who are ______________ with my personality.

I have the __________ to resolve conflicts among aggressive people.

I make calls to clients asking for payments in a __________ manner.

I have to book tickets and arrange visas from the Sweden embassy for the director and his associates. My steps will be to:

I handle petty cash, phone and internet online bill payments, bank accounts and courier requirements.

I have knowledge for the documentation like letter of credit, Bill of Lading, Country of origin certificate, trade license renewals, etc.

The key requisites for a Office manager are:

The supplier has quoted US Dollars 108,045.56, we need to quote the same to our client/end user with 80 % margin, the total price with the addded margin now becomes:

It is cheaper to purchase goods from traders than to purchase from manufacturers

I find it difficult to arrange my schedules and allocate time for certain tasks.

I find it very easy to write emails, prepare letters and other business documents.


Dear Sir,

WIth reference to our shipment awaiting pickup, kindly find the port of destination is mentioned as below.

Port Bremen, Germany.

Please treat this matter as top urgent and acknowledge the above details.

Awaiting your revert at the earliest possible.


Mr. Martin Hackins.

Words in the email mean.



Great Job Yemi !!! Got 13/15

28 days 2 hours 31 minutes ago

toni scott

The test did not display.

1993 days 19 hours 22 minutes ago

kusum khurana


2370 days 22 hours 18 minutes ago

Denis Lopato

Correct 13! Wow!
But if i had a knowledge of English I could pass it very well))

2370 days 22 hours 47 minutes ago

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