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About the Class

This is an Intro talk on Wisdom Course on Self Management (Level-1) based on Sri Joydips teaching . This Intro talk will help to understand the benefits of conducting a Wisdom Course, on Self Management, in your locality or in your office, and why you should do registration for Wisdom Course. You can yourself organize a Wisdom Course by becoming a Million Mind Transformation Volunteer or join an Wisdom Course which is scheduled in your locality or join a Wisdom Course Online.

The Course will be conducted only when there is a minimum 10 registration for a particular course venue.

A Gilmpse of Sri Joydips Teachings -

Every being in these Universe is an expression of self. Yet we are caught up with the expression and never try to understand the underlying self. When we can understand the self, we can re-engineer our life. Wisdom is the path, to understand the self, and re-engineer our life towards transformation.”

“As self is an abstract principle , though pervading the Universe, it is very hard for an ordinary mind, to perceive it, and follow the path of Wisdom. It is that reason , the self has taken the graceful form of Arunachalam Siva, which helps one to understand in silence , the true nature of self, which can be only attained by self enquiry, and get established in Wisdom, living a life of liberation."

Even then to understand the instructions of silence ,in Self enquiry, by a symbol of self which is Arunachalam Siva, which is the highest form of Gyana Yoga in Advaita philosophy, one needs to first get with a living master, who can stagewise explain the Wisdom of Advaita.

Sri Joydip a living spiritual master, delivers Wisdom Courses for masses , through Sri Joydip Ashram teachers, which can help an ordinary mind, to reach the extordinary heights of wisdom of Advaita Philosophy, in a step-by-step process – by Wisdom Courses Level 1 , Wisdom Courses Level 2, Wisdom Courses Level 3.

Each of the Wisdom Courses are inspired by Sage Vyasas teaching on Bhagvad Gita and delivers Yoga of action, Yoga of Devotion and Yoga of Knowledge alongwith Yoga of Meditation in a non-secretrian,non religious and application oriented process driven ways.

The Sri Joydip Ashram a charitable trust which delivers Sri Joydips teachings, is runned by Volunteers. Sri Joydip Ashram, Burdwan and Kolkata conducts the Wisdom Courses Level -1 , Wisdom Course Level – 2 , and Wisdom Course Level – 3 programs to make a person transformed his body , mind and spirit with the path of Karma-bhakti-Gyana and Dhyana ( Action,Devotion, Knowledge and Meditation thru Surya Yoga) towards much deeper enquiry and attaining self-knowledge by Wisdom Retreats Level -1 and Wisdom Retreats Level -2 which is personally taken by Sri Joydip in Sri Joydip Ashram , Tamilnadu.

Wisdom Retreats alongwith Teachers Training Programs, covers major Advaitic Text like Ribhu Gita , Yoga Vasistha, Upanishads,Astavakra Gita alongwith sacred walks around Arunachalam Siva which is bound to transform human being to a divine being .It envisions that by these process it can transform one day the whole human race to a divine race, when it can have its outreach to every single individual of the planet

Sri Joydip Teachings on karma Yoga ( Selfless Service) also inspires people who participate in Sri Joydip’s Wisdom Courses and Wisdom Retreats to volunteer on Wisdom Services project for improving health , education , disaster management for the downtrodden section of the society.

To realise the vision of making a divine race Sri Joydip Ashram,Tamilnadu had taken a project of “1 million minds transformed” to make a outreach of Sri Joydips teachings to 1 million people across the world.

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Profile Summary

Sri Joydip is the founder of Sri Joydip Ashram, a Transformational Organisation on Management Consulting ,Leadership and Spiritual Training , founded again by him, headquartered in Kolkata. Sri Joydip has wrote Business plan and developed Business Strategies for 27 companies across 8 countries on which some of them are F500 Companies.

Sri Joydip has completed is Management Education ( YPP) from Indian Institute of Management , Kolkata and was invited as an Guest Faculty from period of (2004-2007), to take classes on Entrepreneurship and Business planning for PGP student .

Sri Joydip wrote 5 books titled as “You can perform miracles too” , “Integral Management” and “Wisdom Stimulus : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management “ which was released in Kolkata book fair. Wisdom Stimulus became very popular both as a Training program and a Book with 2 more sequel on application of Bhagvad Gita principles in Human Resource Management and Organisational Leadership. He was then invited across India from Reputed Management Colleges to Speak on Wisdom Stimulus and he remained as a Core Committee Member (2010-11) of Management Teacher Consortium (MTC Global) – a apex body of Management Teachers across the world.

In 2010 , Sri Joydip made his debute short feature film , Bandematram 2010 which got selected for Kolkata film festival 2010. The film received rave reviews from Washington Bangal Radio. In 2011, Sri Joydip founded ISB&T films , to produce films focussed on Spiritual topics. In a short period , ISB&T films with association of Sri Joydip Ashram, made 8 short films which was released in DVD and sold across India and also received good reviews. Lately Sri Joydip has been working with his Debut Commercial Bengal film – Megher Kanya. He is the member of Eastern India Film Directors Association.

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Sri Joydip is also an living spiritual master, who is also the founder of Sri Joydip Ashram. Sri Joydip, has spoken over thousands of hours of public discourses, related to various topics ranging from life solutions to corporate talks on gaining wisdom and liberation. These also includes several other topics like stress-free living, freedom from depression, conflict-free living, holistic living etc.

Sri Joydip has also given corporate talks on leadership, intuitive management .At the same time he has also shared knowledge on scriptures like Bhagavad Gita, Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Arthasastra, Shiva Sutras.

In addition to the enlightening discourses, Sri Joydip conducts various meditation and yoga alongwith wisdom programs and retreats. One of his flagship programs is Wisdom Stimulus ( - a 21-day meditation and wisdom workshop where Sri Joydip takes the participants through various deep meditative and yogic and wisdom processes and its application in wide ranging areas including wealth, health, relationships, and of course gaining wisdom and liberation itself.


Founder, Sri Joydip Ashram (SJA).