Al-Qawaaid ul Arbaa' (The four principles) 

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About the Class

This class is an explanation of one of the small books of Muhammed ibn Abdul Wahaab called the Four Principles.

The book covers four principles of polytheism that the polytheists who opposed the Messenger of Allaah Muhammed (may the peace and blessing of Allaah be upon him) believed in and used as a justification for practicing their polytheism.

The class will look at these principles and deconstruct these principles.

The class is also a study of the opposite of Polytheism which is Islamic Monotheism (Tawheed).

The class will study the definition of Tawheed, its categories and also at those things which nulify Tawheed.

This class is ideal for New Muslims or Muslims in general who simply want to strengthen their faith as it essential for alll Muslims to know what is Shirk (Polyheism) as this is one of the things that nulify Islamic Montheism(Tawheed) thus nulifying one's Islam

Language of instruction: English


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