Tricks and Shortcut -- Circular motion, Center of mass, shm 

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About the Class

These are very important topics. Most of students feel uneasy while dealing with these topics. The basics of these require a lot of practice but sometime we can solve them in a very easy and tricky way. No matter you had studied in past or not, these will be simple and easy to grab methods for everyone.

Language of instruction: English

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Philip Mathew

what is this?a mere mockery

54 days 12 hours 5 minutes ago

About Roy and Roy magicians of Physics and Maths IIT-JEE

  • Roy and Roy magicians of Physics and Maths IIT-JEE
    Roy and Roy magicians of Physics and Maths IIT-JEE
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R Roy (Magician of Physics)
B-Tech (IIT K, Electrical Engineering)
Ex-Faculty of Narayana, Bansal Classes with an experience of 6 years.
Best result till 2011- AIR 114(IIT-JEE), AIR 35 (AIEEE), AIR 55 (CBSEPMT).
H Roy (Magician of Mathematics)
B-Tech ( IIT D, Electronics & Communication Engineering)
Ex-faculty FIIT-JEE, Resonance with an experience of 5 years.
Best Result till 2011 - AIR 178 (IIT-JEE), AIR 47 (AIEEE).