Advance ISP 

Presented by:ISP USA

Saturday, December 01 2012| 8:30 AM (PST)

120 minutes

Call Dial-in Information

Access code:

1. Once you are in the class, use a phone to dial the number for your country mentioned above followed by the access code.

2. Keep your microphone and speakers muted in the classroom to avoid hearing an echo during the call.

Note: The call dial-in information can also be accessed in the classroom by clicking.

About the Class

Parenting is a life long process. Infant Siddha Program (ISP) oriented you to the Joyous parenting. Advance ISP will help you in day to day implementation of the ISP training. This wil give you a platform to interact with other ISP parents.

Language of instruction: English

Keywords: infant siddha program, joyful parenting, infant education


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Siddha Samadhi Yoga (SSY) is a scientific training in how to live life in joy, peace and harmony.

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