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Saturday, December 01 2012| 9:30 AM (PST)

90 minutes

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About the Class

Continuous Learning Program - “ Advance SSY”
Free - once a month session for those who have already completed SSY
For spiritual development it is necessary that we regularly meet our fellow seekers. Exchanging experiences from our spiritual journey and sharing learnings from them help us to keep our enthusiasm going.

Satsangs - Spiritual gatherings play a key role in advancement in our spiritual journey;

But most importantly it is only by connecting with the Guru we become powerful in our inner silence. While our personal practice keeps us in the experience of Joyous Living, Guru keeps us directed to our vision with his words of wisdom. Regular inspiration from him gives us clearances on difficulties faced in our spiritual practice & keeps us growing. He encourages us so we maintain our enthusiasm and remain inspired to grow in our inner silence. Inspiration is a key to advancement in spirituality.

Because Enlightenment is Beyond Practice! It is in being in the state of continuous learning; it is about operating as free unbounded self, expressing joy through everything.

After completing your SSY class, you are continuing your daily practice of Pranayam, Samadhi meditation and eating your daily quota of raw food. You are also implementing the basic principles of Joyous Living in your life.

To support you in your journey of growing in your inner silence and establishing in this Joy, Peace & Love; we at SSY USA bring a Continuous Learning Program called “Advance SSY”. This is a 2 hours free class which is offered once a month from our “Peace Home” in Orange County. In each class we do a group practice & listen to Poojya Guruji’s talks on various important topics and have group discussions.

Language of instruction: English

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Siddha Samadhi Yoga (SSY) is a scientific training in how to live life in joy, peace and harmony.

Life Yessence Academy (LiYA) USA is a non-profit, non-religious organization offering this training in the US.