Free Webinar: GAMSAT Organic Chemistry, Pattern Recognition 

Sunday, September 20 2020 | 7:00 PM (AUS Eastern Standard Time)

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Free Problem-based Learning Webinar + Win a Gold Standard GAMSAT Book Giveaway

Topic: Organic Chemistry, Pattern Recognition
Date: September 20, 2020 (Sunday)
Time: 7 pm AEST or 10 am BST/IST
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Join this 1-hour free GAMSAT webinar: live, interactive and problem-based learning with the author of the first GAMSAT textbook ever written, Dr Brett Ferdinand, MD. Live attendees automatically qualify for the GAMSAT Book Giveaway raffle towards the end of the webinar.

In this free GAMSAT online class:
- learn how to identify the patterns in GAMSAT-style practice questions developed by Gold Standard
- learn how to understand the required reasoning to correctly answer GAMSAT Organic Chemistry questions.

If you have a non-science background, consider watching science review videos at prior to the webinar so that you are comfortable with the basic language of science.

To prepare for this webinar, you may access two of our Free GAMSAT Organic Chemistry resources:
- GAMSAT Organic Chemistry mechanism summary list with explanations video:
- GAMSAT Organic Chemistry Mechanisms:

Class attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions and clear any concerns they may have about the topic towards the end of the webinar. We cannot guarantee that Dr. Ferdinand will be able to answer all of the students' questions but he will do his best to accommodate as many concerns as possible. If you have more or any unanswered questions, please post them on our forum:

BONUS: We will raffle our GAMSAT Section 3 Book (Physics and General Chemistry) at the end of the webinar.

That's $129.95 worth of FREE GAMSAT preparation material! Get a preview of the book's inside pages here:

If the winner happens to own this book already, we will provide the following alternatives:
• Another one of our GAMSAT books
• A single-day attendance at one of our paid courses on campus (
• A single-day attendance at one of our online GAMSAT tutorials (



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4. We suggest that you use Google Incognito browser to avoid any issues when accessing the WizIQ virtual classroom.

5. To be qualified for the raffle of our FREE GAMSAT BOOK, you must be present during the whole duration of this free webinar. The winner will be announced near the end of the class and will be contacted directly by a Gold Standard representative after the raffle.

If you have questions about this webinar or suggestions for future webinars, please feel free to post your thoughts in the Discussion thread. You may also choose to send us a message in any of the following media:

- via our Wiz IQ account:

- via our Facebook page (

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- via email:

Language of instruction: English

Keywords: organic chemistry, medicine, gamsat



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