‘TESOL 2012’exhibitor session attendees meet at WizIQ’. 

Thursday, March 29 2012 | 10:30 PM (West Asia Standard Time)

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About the Class

I was informed that my exhibitor session, «The English speaking Uzbek street in Indian virtual class room" has been scheduled for 3/29/2012 at 11:00 AM in room 119-A at the TESOL 2012 Convention Center. The TESOL International Convention and English Language Expo will be held 28-31 March, 2012, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Title of my exhibitor session is: The English speaking Uzbek street in Indian virtual class room.
Session Summary of the exhibitor session is:
How curriculum and Granny Cloud Technique can be applied? Speaker conducts virtual classes to Uzbek IT University students; they are her neighbors as mahallya residents. Via WizIQ and traditional classes she creates blended learning and live educational environment for Uzbek NNESs. English Learners enjoy communication with international English speaking audience.

Language of instruction: English

Keywords: tesol, esp, blended learning

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I am an emeritus MBA lecturer.