OneX on Steroids: Earn 5K+/One Week & 100K+/8 Weeks 

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60 minutes
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1. Once you are in the class, use a phone to dial the number for your country mentioned above followed by the access code.

2. Keep your microphone and speakers muted in the classroom to avoid hearing an echo during the call.

Note: The call dial-in information can also be accessed in the classroom by clicking.

About the Class

OneX on Steroids: Earn 5K+/One Week & 100K+/8 Weeks

Language of instruction: English

Keywords: money and banking


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My name is Gee DaCosta. I am a free spirit. I love to help people; I do a lot of volunteering work for my Church and for my community as much as I can. love to joke, I love to laugh until my belly hurts, and I don't take life too seriously. I'm an adventurer by nature and I strive to live every day like it's my last. In 1982 I hitch-hiked from Brazil through 9 countries (thru wars) and I did all that to get to the “land of opportunity”, USA. Then, I drove back to Brazil 8 years later through all those same countries plus the Amazon Jungle - it took me 33 days. That was an awesome trip. Then, I came back to look and to find and to live the American dream... Well, guess what? It took me almost 30 years but because of my true perseverance I have FOUND IT and now I am living it! WAZZUB is not only my DREAM opportunity, but it can also be yours, if you get it and take action. Together we will achieve ~ The Power of "we" ~ Thanks will always be to GOD!