TESOL Talk (3) 

Tuesday, May 24 2011 | 8:00 AM (Mexico Standard Time)

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About the Class

TESOL talk is for anyone interested in teaching English to students of other languages. Participants are encouraged to bring their own perspective and experience to the open discussion so that we might find new and innovative ways to improve how English is learned.

(Open) Agenda: (1) introductions, (2) attendees will bring up theories, experiences, and/or opinions as talking points, and if time permits (3) presenter will bring up theories, experiences, and/or opinions as talking points.

CU Sessions: http://bnleez.com/?page_id=691

Language of instruction: English

Keywords: e-teaching, english, tesol, tefl, tesl

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Benjamin L. Stewart

Thanks to those who participated in today's session. Join us again for TESOL Talk (4), coming up in two weeks.

3363 days 1 hours 43 minutes ago

Priscilla _

Benjamin, thank you for another thought provoking class. I was not able to attend; however, I did watch the recording. The more I hear you describe the GRASPS model, the better I am understanding. Thanks again for your support of education and teachers.

Until my next POST, this is Priscilla with SEE
Speak Excellent English

3363 days 7 hours 7 minutes ago


Looking forward to this class. One issue I would like to see addressed is class management. How do you balance the good and the bad students?

3363 days 20 hours 28 minutes ago

Benjamin L. Stewart

Welcome attendees! Designing performance tasks for the EFL/ESL classroom has been a passion of mine for some time now. Interviews with teachers regarding the development and implementation of performance tasks can be found here: http://wikieducator.org/TESOL/Performance_Tasks

3369 days 12 hours 5 minutes ago

Benjamin L. Stewart

Last session, we discussed performance tasks in the EFL/ESL classroom. I will be prepared to discuss performance tasks in more detail during this session (TESOL Talk 3), unless others wish to talk about a different topic. Feel free to add comments to this page if there are specific topics that you'd like to cover.

3376 days 14 hours 24 minutes ago

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