Advanced Writing and College Prep English May 5, 2011 

Thursday, May 05 2011 | 2:10 PM (PST)

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The Advanced Writing class for college bound students of any age uses our SAT and College Prep English book ( The class takes place in a traditional classroom setting at EIE Academy in Monrovia, CA ( and is offered by Abacus Educational Services ( Class agendas and notes are available at: This WiZiQ session is simply a broadcast of the classroom session and the teacher cannot take take class time to join in the chat, though teaching assistants may be doing so. Auditors are welcome and, through screen sharing, will be able to follow everything that takes place in class.
For more information, or to join the class officially, to be granted access to the online classroom resources being discussed, and to have your own work graded and published, see our classroom information page:

Language of instruction: English

Keywords: grammar, speaking, writing, vocabulary, english, composition, all ages.

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