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Friday, March 25 2011 | 8:14 PM (GMT Standard Time)

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tried downloading so I could see the final part (about sex !!?)but the link says the download is not available?


3675 days 12 hours 12 minutes ago

Permaculture Academy, Nodo Espiral

Yes.. it's not seen as a "crisis" (so many people on anti-depressants) because it's great for business, but it's a huge

3676 days 14 hours 41 minutes ago


Ignoring ..yes, but also covering up...mass numbing...68 million people alone take the top 3 'anti deps' drugs in the US...and even upping suicidal tendancies....bonkers! The money game is just ludicrous too...Exchanging

3676 days 14 hours 56 minutes ago


I think you've mentioned using Skype - maybe we can have that as a back-up to get in touch with each other in case of this happening again? Then it would be easier to transmit messages and stay in touch - yes?

3676 days 15 hours 1 minutes ago


OK, thanks Stella will check out the recording tomorrow. Was a fascinating conference up to the drop and a much better quality than the one in Spanish audiowise, better pacing too. Look foward to hearing/seeing the end again. Will be in touch this weekend. Hope all's well on the finca . Bye everyone, been a pleasure, reading all the chats - even if at tSee more

3676 days 15 hours 1 minutes ago

Permaculture Academy, Nodo Espiral

wow.. just noticed what a creative use to the comments on this page you're all making

(see... getting flexible and innovative with the technology :)

3676 days 15 hours 6 minutes ago


re. drugs - yes, there's a pattern here: Our society seems to be taking the path of least resistance (or of not questioning) - patch a problem up with drugs (doc's), or print more money (Fed).... Ignoring the root cause.

3676 days 15 hours 6 minutes ago

Permaculture Academy, Nodo Espiral

Sorry about the sudden ending!?? We'll record the last bit and add it to the Conferences page on www.PermaCultureScience.com ...

Kindof spookily confirms something we say about Visioning ..
Made a joke earlier about how we seem to be trying out ALL the possible techie difficulties before the start of the course ... and here was another onSee more

3676 days 15 hours 9 minutes ago


You know, up top of this page it says Duration: 60 minutes. It was just about exactly 60min so far. The old page says 200 minutes... Wonder if that's why it dropped us - time's up!

3676 days 15 hours 10 minutes ago


:-) , Just the name scares me off! Scary how docs just fling them around, quite shocking! Numbling the brains and souls of millions!

3676 days 15 hours 11 minutes ago

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Nodo Espiral (main web www.NodoEspiral.net) was created in 2003 in Spain, in order to collaboratively teach the bases of permaculture in an integral & holistic way, taking into account the emergent & the latest experiences of the global permaculture network, and in general to make permaculture training as accessible as possible for all.

An innovative node of the international Permaculture Academy, Nodo Espiral has been leading in the areas of international chaordic network developent, curriculum evolution & innovation, creating a comprehensive online permaculture text book (in Spanish, now expanding to bilingual), longer action-learning programmes and most recently launching Integral Permaculture following experiments with several new types of online courses in previous years. In 2011 they launched their first fully bilingual course, the PDC+++

They have been learning continuously, from their practice, about what works & what doesn't in terms of producing excellent, pro-active & innovative designers - as opposed to people who just 'use permaculture techniques' & mostly copy old designs - over the last 8 years.