Make 2011 your BEST Year Ever, Grow with ME. 

Monday, December 27 2010 | 7:00 PM (West Asia Standard Time)

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About the Class

Make 2011 a different and Celebrating year of your life.

introducing the GROW IN 2011 with ME Model to Achieve your Bests in four Areas of your life, Personal, Family, Business/Career, Community.
its TWO month long Coaching and Mentoring Program to walk you through the Success Journey in your chosen areas of your life.
Every year we make Resolutions and feel very upbeat to achieve them but just in days or weeks or even month time reality kicks in and dominant with same Routines and Day-to-day pressure to Quick Fix the Things and we lost our focus to New Life Changing Goals we decided to Achieve.

BECAUSE............ there is support or help out there to keep us on track to stick with our commitments to New Behaviors and Goals. we need a social Pressure to make us Responsible to what we committed and held us Accountable to what we Decided.

so, join me in GROW Model in which i will take you through this Process of:

Goals > will help you to Decide 100% what you Need/Want to Achieve.

Realities > what are the Realities you need to consider and manage.

Options > what are the Best Answer or Options are there to go with.

Willingness or Way out >find the Best Possible ways to Achieve.

In Bonus you will get totally FREE Training in these Areas:

Goals Setting and Time Management
Assertive Training
Stress Management
Anger Management
Secret of Personal and Professional Success
Mind Management
Relaxation Techniques

one month FREE Inner Circle Club Membership.

Language of instruction: English

Keywords: laws of motion, motivation and emotion, motivation, goal setting, time management, stress management, assertive training, secrets of persoanal and professional sucess, mind management


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Profile Summary

Are you looking to transform yourself to be the best of both worlds (Dunia and Akhirah)?

Do you want to be very productive to achieve your high potentials and practice you Deen to its heights to live a purposeful life? You want to give the best chance to yourself and people close to you to live a life of purpose, Honour and Dignity.

If you feel the pain and urge to do something to restore the Honour (Izzah) and dignity of this ummah, get them out of the misery, humiliation and disrespect.

Despite, doing your best; you feel unfulfilled, overwhelmed and stressed out.

Then, you have to strive to achieve your best and help your kids, community and Ummah as whole to be best in their characters, manners and purpose.

Being Muslim I do understand your Emotional, Religious and Psycho-Social needs very well.

I can help you to make powerful changes and get far more meaningful results in your life, career and business.

I will help you to identify ways forward with clarity and confidence and to remove real (or perceived) barriers to progress and success. Support you to make critical and important decision about Personal and Professional Life.

Together we will create a great plan that aligns with your values and builds on your strengths, and supporting you to make all the changes needed to achieve the outcomes you desire.

Personal and Business Coaching is balancing the hard and the soft skills in life and business. Help clients balance the practical "doing" tasks of building and leading great businesses, and the subtle "being" skills of better managing time, stress and relationships challenges.

I will help you to focus positively on creative solutions to your challenges and develop tailor-made strategies to achieve them.

My commitment is to bring out very best in my clients and consistently get great results.

Life and Business Coaching, Entrepreneurship Training and Coaching, Youth Career Management coaching, Behavioural & Performance Coaching, Trainers Training, Spiritual Coaching.