MMVC16: An abundance of PD opportunities online More than meets the eye 

Sunday, August 07 2016 | 8:00 AM (EST)

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About the Class

Vance Stevens will be speaking on An abundance of PD opportunities online: More than meets the eye

This Learning2gether Episode #340 is one of many online PD opportunities that are taking place literally as we speak, and if this is a representative moment, this extrapolates to an abundance of PD opportunities online at any given moment. Abundance implies e.g. free, easily accessible, available as per user interest in the manner of a berry bush. But institutional PD is often approached from a mindset of scarcity, meaning it is time-bound, tied to brick and mortar, and often driven top-down. This presentation will help viewers visualize the abundance in a way that this perspective can be shared with whomever is driving your PD through a scarcity paradigm.

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