The class has been cancelled by teacher.

Call Dial-in Information

Access code:

1. Once you are in the class, use a phone to dial the number for your country mentioned above followed by the access code.

2. Keep your microphone and speakers muted in the classroom to avoid hearing an echo during the call.

Note: The call dial-in information can also be accessed in the classroom by clicking.

About the Class

Advance Tajweed
Advance Quranic Grammar
Salah in the light of sahih bukhari mukhtasir.

Language of instruction: en-US



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Nurul Quran Institute is a non-profit organization working since years dedicated to spreading authentic Islamic knowledge of Al Quran & Sunnah through education and social welfare , we believe in not only reading and reciting Al Quran, but understanding its meaning, practice it in our daily lives and teach it to our family and friends and communities while making it easily attainable for all walks of life.