CLIL EVO16: Vance Stevens 

Wednesday, February 03 2016 | 9:00 AM (EST)

100 minutes
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About the Class

Vance Stevens on Minecraft and FLT and CLIL

We are all learning about gamification here, it's not so much about Minecraft. Minecraft is the little g game, the enabler of our emerging knowledge of gamification. When you enter survival mode you'll find that you are assisted by others in world. With their help you stay alive and learn. So gamification turns out to be learning through teamwork and mutual support and meeting challenges and achieving your goal, whatever it is. In this game you set your own goals. By achieving your goals in the game light bulbs go off in your head and light your way to some realization of how what you are learning in Minecraft might work to meet your real world challenges.

Vance Stevens

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I've been involved in online learning since way last century, as founder of a movement that became Webheads in Action, still a robust community. I have been a coordinator of the TESOL / CALL-IS Electronic Village Online for almost 15 years and have moderated several 5-week online sessions there ranging from Multiliteracies and MOOCs to Minecraft. In 2010 I started a weekly webinar series called Learning2gether.  I teach EFL at the UAE Air College in Al Ain, UAE, where I'm fortunate to be working with fine colleagues who have been co-presenting with me in workshops at conferences worldwide, where we show how we strive to develop our use of iPad technology to address our students' academic needs and skill sets.My presentation here derives from one such session.

Language of instruction: English


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