CCNA 640-802 : Introduction & Basics of Networking 

Wednesday, May 05 2010 | 8:20 PM (West Asia Standard Time)

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90 minutes
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About the Class

Introduction to Networking
Internetworking Basics
Layered Models
The OSI Model
Ethernet Networking
Data Encapsulation
Cisco’s Three-Layer Model

Language of instruction: English

Keywords: introduction to networking, internetworking basics, layered models, the osi model, ethernet networking, data encapsulation, cisco’s three-layer model


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I am a Computer Network Professional. i Have MS degree with specialization in computer Network , i am also CCNA certified and wi-fi (WLAN) as well. i am related with Cisco professional courses since 2004 , i am also Teaching CCNP, and now a days studying CCIE.