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How Do Savvy Managers Create Measurable Performance Improvement?

5 Aug

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This class ran for 59 minutes

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About the class

About the class

This webinar is hosted in English

Course Highlights:
*Improve performance through honest and effective feedback
*Create measurable change through consistent and positive feedback
*Implement employee self-tracking of progress toward goals
*Mitigate roadblocks to personal improvement
*Use coaching strategies to enhance performance

Course Description:
Annual performance reviews are a given in business. What is not a given is timely and meaningful feedback throughout the year. Yet research shows that providing ongoing feedback in smaller chunks, while situations and circumstances are still fresh in the employee's mind, is more effective than a one hour meeting once per year.

Savvy managers know that frequent contact, recognition, and encouragement with honest and direct feedback regularly produce better performing employees. Communication with simplicity, a focus on the future and support for employee self-tracking is a winning combination that yields measurable change.

What if managers were able to provide more feedback informally throughout the year?
What if there was an easier method to provide honest feedback in a simple, real- time environment?

Join Al Goodman, a veteran in Human Resource development, in a 60 minutes session where he discusses a fresh approach to attain these goals called “Return on Recognition™”

The thrust of the ROR™ approach is to initiate and maintain an ongoing process of honest and positive feedback between the employee and manager which:

- Allows employees to shape their own goals and objectives
- Leverages a "Critical Factor Agreement" to clarify and reinforce
- Employs an Online Weekly Diary for self-evaluation and review
- Uses well-timed coaching to address and resolve issues
- Measures current performance to drive future outcomes

“Studies by the Gallup Organization show the immediate supervisor plays a critical role in individual employee morale, performance and success."

Who Should Attend?
*Presidents & CEO
*Human Resource Professionals

Date and Time: August 5th || 1:00 AM MST || 12:30 PM IST || 5:00 PM Sydney

About the Host

Al Goodman has over 25 years of global corporate experience working for companies where he developed an expertise and passion for maximizing human resource development. For twelve years, Al Goodman was Director of Human Resources for FMC Technologies for the Energy Processing Division where he had responsibility for providing strategic leadership to five global business units throughout the USA as well as for operations in China, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Norway and Dubai. In this role Al had global responsibility for counselling, developing & mentoring general managers and high potential leaders.
Al's prior professional career include positions as Vice President of Human Resources for American Biltrite Inc. - Amtico Tile Division, Corporate Human Resource Manager for Yale Materials Handling Division, Manager, Employee & Labor Relations, for A.M. Varityper, Human Relations Representative for TRW Customer Service Division and Labor Relations Representative for Jersey Central Power & Light Company.

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