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Henry Fagg

Henry Fagg

MSc in Comparative and International Education

Male |London, United Kingdom

60-minute Roundup on Why and How Online Tutoring Works

3 Jun

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About the class

About the class

This webinar is hosted in English

Course Highlights

Research into the latest trends in online tutoring in the UK
Why are students choosing online tuition?
Which subjects and ages are most popular?
How do tutors teach online: which technologies do they use?
What are the barriers to successful online tutoring?

Language of Instruction: English

Course Description

Anyone with an interest in recent trends in online tuition will enjoy this Webinar. It presents the findings of a survey of around 400 tutors conducted by the award-winning UK website Thetutorpages.com. You’ll find answers to such questions as:

Who is tutoring online, and which subjects are popular?
How do online tutors find new clients?
How does income from tutoring online compare with that from face-to-face tuition?
How reliable are online clients compared to face-to-face clients?
What kind of technology are tutors using online – what kinds of equipment, video services, whiteboards and virtual classroom technology are popular?
How do students/ parents pay for online lessons?
What do tutors believe the benefits of online tuition are, and is there disagreement over this?
Finally, what are the barriers to successful online tuition?

Survey participants belonged to three groups: those who tutor exclusively online, those who tutor exclusively face-to-face and those who tutor both online and face-to-face. There were some striking differences in opinion between these groups, and the survey results are enlightening.

The course will contextualize online tuition still further. It discusses a definition of online tuition provided by The Tutors’ Association in the UK. It looks at child safety online, as well as the interesting question of educational equality. For example, by offering tuition at reduced rates, might online tuition promote educational equality?

Finally, music tuition online is also analysed. Is teaching a musical instrument or singing online very different to teaching academic subjects or languages? What do music teachers think about online tuition? Are the barriers too great for teaching music online? Issues such as visual, auditory and kinaesthetic barriers are discussed, as well as general issues such as rapport, presence, communication, motivation and support.

To download the report which the course is based on, visit: www.thetutorpages.com/online-tuition

Who should attend

This Webinar is for anyone who wishes to deepen their knowledge of the online tuition industry. Experienced online tutors and novices alike will find the insights useful for their own teaching practice and marketing.

Date : Wednesday,3rd June, 2015

Timings : 2:00 PM (EST)

About the Host

Henry Fagg

Henry Fagg

MSc in Comparative and International Education
London, United Kingdom

Henry Fagg is an experienced educator, writer and entrepreneur. He is founder and director of the award-winning online tuition website Thetutorpages.com which includes an acclaimed directory of UK private tutors. He blogs on all aspects of the private tuition industry at Thetutorblog.com. His publication, Tutoring: The Complete Guide was featured in the Times Educational Supplement, and has been used by thousands of private tutors worldwide. It is available as a free download from The Tutor Pages website.

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