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Shivani Vadehra

Shivani Vadehra

B.Tech,Computer Science

Female |Washington DC, United States

WiZiQ : e Teaching Made Easy

10 Mar

2010 10:00 PM (CST)

This class runs for 60 minutes

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About the class

About the class

This webinar is hosted in English

WiZiQ is a revolutionary Web 2.0 platform where teachers and learners can collaborate in synchronous and asynchronous mode. It also has a powerful Virtual Classroom with a host of features like:

  • * Whiteboard with Paint Style Drawing and Writing Options
  • * Audio/ Video/ PowerPoint/ pdf/ Word and other document uploading
  • * Text, Audio and Video Conferencing
  • * Audio/Video Sharing
In this class Shivani would demonstrate how you can schedule your online classes as well as conduct your first online class using the powerful WiZiQ Platform.

About the Host

Shivani Vadehra

Shivani Vadehra

B.Tech,Computer Science
Washington DC, United States

Shivani Vadehra being a Sr. Solutions Specialist at WiZiQ associates with teachers and students across the globe and assist them to collaborate through the online platform on WiZiQ. She actively involves herself in personalized teacher trainings and public classes on the product.

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