Youth Can Move The World: Social Responsibility + The Decision To Act 

Friday, February 27 2015 | 3:13 PM (GMT Standard Time)

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About the Class

Welcome to the Adora Foundation CloudConferences, in partnership with the Partnership for Education and Research for Responsible Living (PERL)

We are about to create something transformational!

This is an event by youth and for youth that will create a wave of action that makes an impact on the world. Our discussions, and more importantly our actions, will be shared two weeks later in Paris, before the United Nations (UNESCO and UNEP).

We will come together online from the four corners of the globe, from Greenland to Mombasa and hear amazing real life stories from youth who have achieved extraordinary things against extraordinary odds:

◾One speaker, Paninnguaq Heilman, is a youth from Greenland, where suicide is the highest in the world by far, and after a wave of youth suicides in East Greenland she was so upset that she decided to start a Facebook page called Life is Beautiful, posting positive life affirming messages and photos. It went viral, and thousands of youth signed up, posted, commented. It went national, and the bus service and the taxi service now carry messages like "you are loved" and eventually politicians dedicated special sessions to the topic, and to her, in their election debates, and now inuit communities outside Greenland, in Alaska and Canada, have also began to tune in. Have a 1 minute look here!

◾The second speaker, Faiza Omar, fell out with her family while still at university studying arts and ended up living in a homeless shelter for 3 months. It could have been a terrible experience but it was instead an amazing opportunity. It was in that shelter that she discovered her potential. Through a visiting project she became a photographer and filmmaker telling stories that gave voice to the voiceless, healed her relationship with her family and trained as a community journalist. Her journey took her from the tiny English village in Yorkshire where "nothing ever happened", all the way to Zanzibar in Africa to work for local organisations and to improve the environment. She has found her calling now, moved to London, and is living her dreams to work in fashion. This was one of Faiza's first community journalism 1.5 minute films, made when she just left the homeless shelter, where she shares the silly questions she grew up with wearing a headscarf and the assumptions people make. Check out the amazing quote at the end!

Stories worth sharing eh? :-) :-)

After hearing the speakers we will take a single step of spontaneous action on a global scale, with no more guidance than the collective energy we generate. It is more than enough. Whatever you feel inspired to do, when added to the individual steps of every other youth around the world, becomes a powerful creative wave.

Imagine if the extreme parachutist from Austria bumps into the t-shirt designer from Japan, the programmer from Pakistan and the hip hop artist from Senegal. They click at random, decide to combine their pledges, and the Austrian ends up jumping wearing the Japanese t-shirt with the Senegalese rap line, to raise funds for the phone app project of the girl from Pakistan!

Just register for the conference here!!

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Mac Millar

HI Guys, my name is Mac. I am 11 and live in Brisbane Australia. I started a project called 'Football - Play It Forward' and I raise money for soccer balls for disadvantaged kids around the world. I think soccer balls can be an instrument for peace. So far we've sent over 2000 soccer balls to 15 different countries. I've been invited on speaking tours of India and China. A man in China said he is taking soccer balls to Ethiopia for me and the Rotary Club of Shanghai is taking 1400 soccer balls to orphanages in North Korea. Both are Playing It Forward. My Poppa told me about your event. Sorry I can't join because it's at 1.30am in the morning here, but I'd like to be involved with other stuff you might be doing. From, Mac P.S. Mum said I should give you my Facebook page in case you want to have a look. more

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The Adora Foundation CloudConferences are hubs of inspirational vision, creative connection and transformational action on a global scale.
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