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Tuesday, February 02 2010 | 7:00 PM (Central European Standard Time)

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About the Class

Korzystanie z WiZiQ. W programie: - Powitanie oraz regulowanie kamery i mikrofonu - Czytanie dokumentów i prezentacji, zarówno osadzonych ze Scribd, jak i wgranych do WiZiQ, - Oglądanie filmu z YouTube - Korzystanie z Whiteboard (tablicy) i jej narzędzi rysunkowych - Fragment regularnej lekcji (drzewo problemowe) Zapraszam serdecznie

Language of instruction: Język polski

Keywords: management, test, class, zarzadzanie

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I am a generalist, international-grade consultant of general management and one of the leading industrial engineers in Poland, owner of Internet sites and inventor in the field of semantic technologies.
In 1993-1999 I authored and managed one of the most effective large-scale projects of management improvement in Poland – „Leader” project. Personally, I trained about 6000 managers, specialists and workers in Polish enterprises, promoting best Japanese management practices. I delivered consultancy, seminars and training for more than hundred of companies including world top corporations: Sony Europe, Daewoo, Lever/Unilever, Oriflame, Szczecin Shipyard, ABB, Solvay, American Tobacco. I visited companies in Finland, France, Greece, Germany, Japan, South Korea, UK, Belarus, Lithuania, Ukraine and US, and managed international projects with Canadian, English, German, Greek, Japanese and Swedish professionals.
As a researcher I run benchmarking studies and economic research, including original works on competitive capacity of the enterprise. The results are published in my 2 books on the enterprise management, and more than 130 articles reporting the results of research and studies mostly concerning management practices and systems, and economy and culture of the enterprise. My publications on Japanese total management systems TQC, TPM and Toyota Production System were the first in Poland, and based on my practical experience in implementing the elements of these systems.
Earlier, in the beginning of 1980-ties, I started research in the field of philosophy, knowledge and human development. About 15 years ago I came back to these issues and combined some old results with Information Technology. Success came in 2006, when these works bore fruits — the inventions in the field of semantic search. Actually, I develop semantic technologies and their practical applications in market research and Opinion Mining.