Importance of Writing and Types of Writing (Composition) 

Monday, October 12 2009 | 6:30 AM (IST)

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About the Class

Skill of Writing, enables one to express his thought, ideas, opinions and viewpoints in a organised way. So, free expression of one''s ideas on various subjects especially in writing, is an important aspect of learning a language. And it is through written composition that we get trained in the ability of Clear Expression. Therefore , this class will discuss in detail the importance of writing and the different types into which we can categorize our writing.

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Keywords: composition, writing skills, language learning, essay writing

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I have a passion for teaching because i think that its the most noble profession. I've worked as a language trainer in a MNC and currently working in a school as an English Language Teacher. To me English is a Global Language and the reason Iam here is that I wanna share my knowledge of the language with all you people out there.And if Iam able to guide even a handful of people then, to me it'll be the most satisfying and rewarding feeling. Teaching according to me is interaction based learning.It is a process which requires not only the Teacher but, even the Student to be Active.