Data revolution in the post 2015 agenda 

Wednesday, May 07 2014 | 9:45 AM (Central America Standard Time)

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About the Class

This “call for a data revolution” is generating very interesting debates to the point that it has turned into one of the hot topics of the post 2015 process. What is this data revolution mean?

The Earth Charter International is contributing to this debate in a two-hour webinar with two distinguished speakers:
Hazel Henderson and Herman Mulder.

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Dennis Baker

does a Solution to Climate Change conform to the Earth Charter in any way what so ever?

The solution to climate change
replacement for fossil fuel powered electrical generation

Urgent action required, appears to be the consensus of the most learned climate change advocates!
The collective wisdom acquired through trial and error test applications of alleged solutions, has been enlightening, and sobering as agenda driven rhetoric failed time after time to deliver a replacement technology for the fossil fuel powered electrical generating facilities, which are the primary sources.of GHG the alleged culprits inducing global climatic destabilization!

Most recently 2 documents have corroborated a much maligned document I wrote!
In My Opinion!

* Leaked Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) the report says that agricultural output may drop by as much as two percent every decade for the rest of this century, compared to what it would have been without the effects of climate change. Demand for food is reportedly expected to rise 14 percent each decade during that time, exacerbating the food supply issue. more

2251 days 10 hours 12 minutes ago

Integrating Technology

The presentation was awesome!!!! Thank you.

2251 days 13 hours 2 minutes ago

Dylan Buchan

Data can be comprehended as knowledge, and a new knowledge is needed for a transitional humankind civilization. Conceiving new values upon early years can edificate the thinking and sensing pattern of individuals, dispensing the need for personality (external) adornments. These methods are available to our present times already. One of the most advanced sciences within these new forms of education pedagogies is Logosophy.

2251 days 15 hours 5 minutes ago

Integrating Technology

Earth is our home, but we may need to learn how to care for it in the same way we wish to be cared for. This is a must attend event:

2251 days 23 hours 25 minutes ago

Norma Paredes

México UAEM Texcoco

2269 days 9 hours 23 minutes ago

Norma Paredes

How can contributing changes in the school

2269 days 9 hours 24 minutes ago

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