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Friday, April 11 2014 | 9:55 AM (Central European Standard Time)

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1. Once you are in the class, use a phone to dial the number for your country mentioned above followed by the access code.

2. Keep your microphone and speakers muted in the classroom to avoid hearing an echo during the call.

Note: The call dial-in information can also be accessed in the classroom by clicking.

About the Class

Sesja 4 - prowadzi Anna Stanisławska - Mischke
Wiesław Pietruszkiewicz,
Zygmunt Kucharczyk, Tomasz Walasek,
Bartosz Cisiek,
Damian Marchewka

Language of instruction: Polish

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Profile Summary

That's me!

I work at the College of Foreign Languages, Czestochowa, Poland but ... surprise - I am not a language teacher myself. My job is to support our lecturers, academics and all the school staff in the field of ICT. It involves providing tools/technology as well as the knowledge and know-how.

I hope that our *Click adventure will give you hands-on experience in the new way of teaching and excite you well enough to use the new tools in your work.

I am married with two children (8, 11). I used to teach English to pupils from kindergarden to businessman. Now I teach IT in Education, Project Management, Quality Management, Quality Engineering etc.

I like to think about myself that I am experienced and advanced IT user, familiar with all the new and emerging technologies, but sometimes I feel helpless and then realise that there is still a lot to learn.

What I like best about the technology - it saves time. Time is the only thing in the world that you cannot buy so use the technology to manage your time better.

What I like least - it is expensive, it demands continuous imprevement from yourself, and it's changing so fastsmile