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About the Class

Opportunity to get FREE 30-min tutoring in the new 2014 GED Test -- all four subjects!

Simply enter this virtual classroom anytime during the 5 hours it is open each day, and I'll be happy to help you for 30-min each day for free!

This free tutoring session is recurring (open daily)!

Language of instruction: English

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Teacher Robert is an experienced, native-English-speaking Instructor who is professional, patient, and positive. He is Focused on Results.

Chat with him below to request free trial lessons. You will also receive invitations for free lessons. Please tell him the days of the week / local times when you are normally available. Include your email below to get his free WizIQ class invitations.

Also, here are a few of his FREE Trial Lessons:

Are you just listening, but not speaking and practicing? Teacher Robert's specialty is improving your SPEAKING Skills --> Small class size with lots of individual practice in STANDARD English, not "chat English." Focused on RESULTS!

Teacher Robert, a NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKER, was born in California, U.S.A. He enjoys living and working in multi-cultural environments -- he lives and works as an English teacher in various cities in Mexico and currently works with students from all over the world, both in on-site and on-line classes. He has worked at several maquiladoras (twin plant factories) in Mexico and at various private and public colleges including ITESM (TEC de Monterrey) and Universidad Autonoma de Ciudad Juarez (UACJ). With college degrees in biology and psychology, he has found his passion and a rewarding career in teaching. He has been teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) and GED (all 5 subjects including math and writing) for the past 17 years. Online, he has been teaching professionally since 2003.

He is very much a believer in using a VARIETY of teaching styles, techniques, and exercises. He has a keen sense of matching students with the techniques that will meet their specific needs. He is FOCUSED on RESULTS. "Striving for Excellence" and "Continuous Improvement" are two motivating forces that drive him. His personal teaching motto is: "English is your Future...Your Future $ucce$$!" With patience and a positive attitude, he wants the students to do most of the speaking in the lesson. He knows that many teachers talk too much in the class and spend too much time entertaining the students. He has experience teaching ALL levels. He especially enjoys teaching BEGINNERS (Principiantes).

So, please visit for FREE Demo/Trial Classes. Se habla espanol.

Also, you have the opportunity to teach your own lessons and host topic conversations (PPT slide material available): Feel free to invite your students/classmates/friends to enter and use my free professional virtual classroom anytime 24/7 (no password or signup necessary). Also, you can play chess (ajedres) with me (or others) in the classroom; if you beat me, you get a free private class! All of this is on my website:

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