Childbirth Summit: How Waterbirth is Saving Normal Birth 

Sunday, October 06 2013 | 8:30 PM (EST)

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About the Class

Want to understand why waterbirth is changing birthing practices in hospitals all over the world? Join this class to see photos, video and listen to a presentation by waterbirth expert, Barbara Harper.

Language of instruction: English

Keywords: waterbirth, babies, maternity care

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By: OrtrudJones
855 days 19 hours 52 minutes ago

The entire world needs to hear this...and definitely moms, dads and the "conservative" health care providers in American hospitals !!!

By: KathyBlajerski-Barber
855 days 19 hours 51 minutes ago

It was an easy and informative class. It reinforced my wish to have a water birth at home for my first child. Thank you again for sharing such precious knowledge :)


Jodie Moss

This was a great presentation, thankyou so much

855 days 16 hours 48 minutes ago

Ortrud Jones

I loved the presentation !!!! Wonderful !!! I want to hear more

855 days 20 hours 51 minutes ago

Lynn Strom

I'm sorry for popping in and out, Barbara; our internet connection is really slow tonight for some reason. I will get the recording! Thank you again for offering us your wisdom and knowledge, and thank you for working so hard and tirelessly to improve birthing conditions everywhere.

855 days 21 hours 30 minutes ago

About Barbara Harper

  • Barbara Harper
    Barbara Harper
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Profile Summary

Barbara Harper is an internationally recognized expert on waterbirth, a published author and childbirth reform activist. She founded Waterbirth International in 1988, with one goal in mind – to heal the way babies are welcomed into the world. During the past four decades she has had the opportunity to practice both as a nurse in hospitals and private clinics and to attend home births as a midwife and hospital births as a doula and waterbirth and gentle birth instructor for doctors. Barbara has utilized all her experiences as a childbirth educator, midwife and doula to develop unique seminars which she teaches within hospitals, nursing schools, midwifery and medical schools and community groups worldwide. She was recognized in 2002 by Lamaze International for her contributions in promoting normal birth on an international level. She is the author of the best selling ‘Gentle Birth Choices’ book and DVD, which has been translated into nine languages, with the Simplified Chinese edition being released in 2016. She has also produced another remarkable film, ‘‘Birth Into Being: The Russian Waterbirth Experience.’ She is working on completing her next book 'Birth, Bath and Beyond,’ which will soon be ready for publication. Barbara has dedicated her life to helping parents and providers understand the amazing benefits of warm water immersion in labor and the consciousness of newborns and she firmly believes that waterbirth should be an available option for all birthing women. Barbara considers her greatest achievement, though, her three adult children and one grandson. Her two sons were born at home in water. She lives in Boca Raton, Florida where she is active in her community as a volunteer, a midwifery and doula mentor and teacher. Her websites are and