Oleg Taganov

Musical composition, Love & Relationships, Conflict Management Teacher

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Last active on: Aug 17, 2015 at 01:07 PM (EST)

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About Oleg Taganov

I have done PhD in Education and teaching Musical Composition and theory since 10 years to well diverse background students from elementary to high level. Now I'm Chairman of Nikolaev baranch of Ukrainian composers' Union, the Art-director of the International young composers' competition PentaTON (www.pentaton.org.ua), Lecturer in Nikolaev Musical college and Nikolaev Municipal humanitarian Council member

Teaching Preferences

Face to Face Teaching

Teaches following Subjects/Exams
Musical composition (Others)
Language of Instruction: English, Russian, Ukrainian
composition, musical theory
Love & Relationships (Body, Mind and Soul)
Language of Instruction: English, Russian, Ukrainian
Conflict Management (Management)
Language of Instruction: English, Russian, Ukrainian
releaf, conflict resolving, constructive communication
Teaching Experience


Nikolaev brach of the European Univercity of financing and management, Ukraine

Sep 2006 - Aug 2009

Psychology, Ethics, Aestethic, Culturology


Nikolaev branch of the Kyiv National Univercity of kulture and art, Ukraine

Sep 2000 - Aug 2006

Lecturer music, polyphony, musical form, history music, instrumentation, musical arranging

Teacher of music

Musical art school #2 (Nikolaev), Ukraine

Sep 1997 - Aug 2003

piano, accordion, composition, music theatre



National 'P.I. Caikovsky' Musical Academy, Kyiv, Ukraine

Oct 2000 - Oct 2006

PhD in musical theory. Theme "Features of the psycological perception of musical work's soundscapes" (under prof. I. Pyaskovskiy)


Odessa State 'A.V. Neždanova' Conservatoire, Ukraine

Sep 1993 - Jun 1997

Composer, musical theory lecturer (class of G. Uspenskiy)

Associations & Membership
Ukrainian composers' Union
KYYIV, Ukraine
Dec 2000 - Present
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