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About Permaculture Academy, Nodo Espiral

Nodo Espiral (main web was created in 2003 in Spain, in order to collaboratively teach the bases of permaculture in an integral & holistic way, taking into account the emergent & the latest experiences of the global permaculture network, and in general to make permaculture training as accessible as possible for all.

An innovative node of the international Permaculture Academy, Nodo Espiral has been leading in the areas of international chaordic network developent, curriculum evolution & innovation, creating a comprehensive online permaculture text book (in Spanish, now expanding to bilingual), longer action-learning programmes and most recently launching Integral Permaculture following experiments with several new types of online courses in previous years. In 2011 they launched their first fully bilingual course, the PDC+++

They have been learning continuously, from their practice, about what works & what doesn't in terms of producing excellent, pro-active & innovative designers - as opposed to people who just 'use permaculture techniques' & mostly copy old designs - over the last 8 years.

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Introduction to Integral Permaculture. The PDC +++ programme can be taken by modules. Any of the 5 modules on its own counts as an Introduction to Integral Permaculture. Taught in English & Spanish.

Language of Instruction: English



The PDC+++ (Permaculture Design Certificate +) is a very comprehensive action-learning course of a year in duration, designed to be flexible so anyone from beginner to diploma level can find their level - 4 different certificates are given (see below). The course is practice-based: students work on own designs - something they feel passionate about from their real life-experience & would like support in developing. Weekly online classes & as much teacher & peer-interaction contact that is desired is available through wikis & skype conferences. We accompany each student individually & at whatever speed & depth they wish to work, asynchronically, as they integrate the theory & practice in creating a digital portfolio of their designs. The course includes an excellent digital literacy programme.

Language of Instruction: English, Spanish

Integral Permaculture (Social Work)

Language of Instruction: English, Spanish

People-Care, Design Techniques, Earth Care, Energy, EcoTechnology, EcoEconomics, Transition

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