Millie Stoff

Experienced, Florida Certified Teacher, Patient and Goal Oriented
Female, 62 Years|WINTER SPRINGS - 32708, United States

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About Millie Stoff

Millie has a Master’s degree in teaching English, holds teaching certifications in Teaching English and Spanish for the state of Florida, and has been an English teacher, coach and writer for the past 25 years. She is enthusiastic, resourceful, patient and goal-driven. Her teaching method is based on her extraordinary understanding of numerous approaches and methods in teaching language. She is the perfect mentor to help you develop your language proficiency in English in a very short time.
She offers affordable private and group live, online lessons in real time. Her lessons are practical, interactive, and yes, fun! A typical live, online session is 50 minutes long and works the same way as a traditional private class. In addition to the live, online lessons, you'll enjoy free access to a platform to review grammar, learn vocabulary, watch videos and more!!!!!
Would you be interested in a trial lesson? Please feel free to contact her anytime by emailing her at learn English, the fun way!

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English (Others)
Language of Instruction: English
Conversation, Writing, Reading, and Grammar. English Specific Purposes, Business English, Acdemic English
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