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CONFIDENCE TRAINING for school age or student/athlete Boys and Girls
7 Questions | 388 Attempts
Self Esteem, Self Empowerment, Mental ability, Mental Philosophy, Methods of Psychology, Psychology, Sports Psychology, Social Psychology
CONFIDENCE TRAINING for school age or student/athlete Boys and Girls
10 Questions | 36 Attempts
Self Esteem, Seller Behavior, Self Empowerment, Religion and Spiritual: Self esteem, Health, Society and Culture: Self Esteem, Religion and Spiritual: Self Empowerment

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Geared toward Middle School, Jr. High, High School students who are in need of confidence to help overcome, school, social, and athletic-competitive challanges.

Each class will teach anyone how to identify any blocks, fears, and weaknesses and combat them with simple problem solving tools that will help them think clearheaded, overcome obstacles, and go for their personal victories with confidence!

Lead Confidence Trainer Mike (Hubie Magic) Huber has over 20 years of motivating kids of all ages as a coach, teacher, and professional speaker. He has a master degree in Sports Wellness at Chicago State University.

Syllabus includes 10 weeks of classes. It is recommended to take 5-10 sessions for optimal results.

Students can take any class on the syllabus of their choosing as each class consistently teaches students to SEE, BELIEVE, TRUST, CONTINUE, and FINISH!

This class is also recommended for high school, collegiate athletes and coaches who want to learn how to reach their potential through the art of mental determination.