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About Dan Vandon
With a background in intellectual property law, Dan Vandon has earned law degrees in several countries, a chore that led to perfecting the tools and techniques presented in Red Rubber Duck’s Learning & Study Skill Guide. Red Rubber Duck'’s Learning & Study Skill Guide is Dan Vandon’s personal recipe for dealing with an overflow of information and mastering exams : challenges faced by students everywhere.
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Master of Laws

University of Auckland, New Zealand

Feb 2003 - Oct 2004

First Class Honours

Publications and Research
Red Rubber Duck's Learning & Study Skill Guide
Dan vandon

Red Rubber Duck's Learning & Study Skill Guide may be your passport to success if: • You are a college student or studying towards professional qualifications, and • You are dealing with an overflow of information, especially information from written texts and notes and • You need to understand and memorize this overflow of information for your next important exam.

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