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Can you multiply 998 X 997 within 5 seconds flat?

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Have you ever multiply 998 X 997 within 5 seconds? Have ever calculate the squares of these numbers 32, 55, 87, 143, 1453 within 10 seconds. Have you ever added 10 digits number in 3 Seconds? If not, then you need to learn the ancient vedic system of mathematics i.e. Vedic Math. Vedic Math was introduced by an Indian legend Mr. Bharati Krishna Teerthaji who was a great mathematics scholar of 15th century. Vedic Math helps us in calculating 15-20 times faster than over conventional method. It cultivates our interest in all subjects and improves our mental ability.

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Some of his achievements are: 1. Memorized 10,000 Year Calendar and can tell you day of any date within a second. 2. Memorized Capital, Currency and ISD Codes of all 224 Countries of the world and recalled each at 0.8 sec with 100% accuracy. 3. University topper in the year 2006 with 93.31% marks. 4. Memorized complete Periodic Table and able to recall in forward and reverse order. 5. Able to memorize 100 digit long numbers in 2 Minutes. 6. Able to memorize 400 binary numbers in 5 minutes

Language of Instruction: English
GRE Quantitative, GRE Mathematics

Vedic Mathematics (9th - 12th Grade)

Language of Instruction: English

Faster Multiplication, Addition, Squares, Cubes, Square Roots, Cube Roots, Linear Equations, Quadratic Eqautions etc.


He is an awesome teacher , and a very nice technique

By Mohammed qawasmi

On 18 February, 2011

Awesome , I just realised that there a simple way to do things

By Mohammed qawasmi

On 13 February, 2011

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