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WizIQ is an award-winning global online education platform that offers SaaS-based Virtual Classroom software and a complete course delivery system for teachers and trainers, colleges and universities, test preparation and tutoring centers, and corporations and organizations. With 270,000 active educators and 3.5 million registered learners using the platform in more than 100 countries, and a total of over 1 billion minutes in its Virtual Classroom completed to date, WizIQ has made its name as the best and most comprehensive learning platform in the world. As the only online education marketplace that offers live, instructor-led courses, WizIQ gives students the incredible opportunity to actively learn from experts around the world and works to eliminate the limitations previously associated with online learning. WizIQ’s state-of-the-art Virtual Classroom, designed specifically for education, provides all the features and tools needed to simulate the face-to-face classroom experience, with real-time audiovisual communication, polling functions, video and text chatting, breakout rooms, interactive whiteboards, and screen sharing to enable peer collaboration and synchronous learning. These features and tools make it easy for teachers to give tests and quizzes, survey students, conduct group work and lab exercises, hold live question and answer sessions, and more. Moreover, WizIQ instructors have the ability to include a variety of courseware and nearly any file type in their curricula, such as documents, spreadsheets, videos, audio files, and presentations, giving them pedagogical freedom not previously available for online teachers. Besides its interactive and collaborative functions, the WizIQ platform enables asynchronous activities and self-paced instruction that make it equally ideal, beneficial, and cost-effective for corporations and organizations who wish to provide employee training, give customers information, hold webinars, or host Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). WizIQ can be scaled up or down to meet users’ specific needs, with tools allowing multiple teachers to instruct a course simultaneously and easy plug-ins available for integration with another website or learning management system. Even more, educators can list their online courses in WizIQ's global Learning Marketplace to for a minimal service fee. WizIQ’s unique and robust platform has received a great deal of positive media coverage. For example, according to a recent ZDNET Article, online education tools like WizIQ will soon be indispensable for not only distance education, but also for supplementary classroom activities, extended day learning, and college lecture halls. WizIQ enables thousands of instructors to deliver online learning to students every day. Educators can publish a course on WizIQ, the most comprehensive live teaching platform in the world, for free, and monthly or yearly subscriptions are available. With its multifaceted online education software and Virtual Classroom, 24/7 customer and technical support, mobile Android and iOS apps, multilingual functions in 19 languages, and a wealth of interactive learning tools, WizIQ has revolutionized global online education.

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